How We Started

The Idea:

Raise Money, Grant Funds, Change the World

The idea behind MaripoSA was started as a charitable fundraising grantor because, our founders have experience in fundraising. If you have a strong network and the know-how behind raising funds & spreading awareness, then there are so many needs in our community of San Antonio, in our global community that MaripoSA felt it could support each and every year! We wanted to do that for those in need: bring the message, bring the funds, bring change!

Our very first event in 2019 was so successful. We had two beneficiaries:

A21 Logo

: A21, a global effort to combat Human & Sex Trafficking

: Roy Maas’ Youth Alternatives, which had a 24-hour emergency in-take shelter for trafficking survivors.

In one evening — for our first event ever — MaripoSA was able to donate 83% of our funds raised to both organizations.

  • $25,489.36 donated to A21 and their global efforts to fight Human & Sex Trafficking
  • $25,489.36 donated to RMYA and their local efforts to shelter & heal survivors of Human & Sex Trafficking

The Results of Our 1st Fundraising Gala:

MaripoSA White Party | September 5, 2019


In Funds Gifted & Messaging

Above all, part of The MaripoSA Difference aims to be as transparent to our donors about where our raised funds go. We are so very thankful for our donors, but it became clear after that evening in 2019 … after seeing the passion of our donors for this particular cause on top of our passion for this cause that we, the MaripoSA Difference, needed to stick with the cause of human & sex trafficking.

Plus, we can count, on one hand, the organizations in San Antonio that are dedicated to fighting Human & Sex Trafficking. THIS was a cause that needed our continued, dedicated passion.

The outpour of support in the fight against Human & Sex Trafficking that gave The MaripoSA Difference its start, was immensely strong. Where we thought donors, both on social media and at our event, would shy away from these “hard to hear” messages of survivors’ stories or atrocities reported in the news, they listened and they helped. And not only our donors, we had a host of businesses, both small and large, who donated — in-kind — services to help get our event seen & heard and to ensure that we could spread awareness about Human & Sex Trafficking without a hitch!

Thank You to our Supporters!