Apply to be a MaripoSA Beneficiary

Call for Letters of Inquiry: 2022 Fundraising

 Deadline: February 11, 2022 

The mission of The MaripoSA Difference is to transform lives of those at-risk or who have been affected by human and sex trafficking. 

The MaripoSA Difference works to fulfill its mission by raising awareness and raising funds to support nonprofit agencies that strive to prevent exploitation of those most at-risk of trafficking, or to provide survivors with restoration, transformation, and sustainability. 

There is no single decision-maker within The MaripoSA Difference. Each year, our entire Board is involved in the process of selecting an area nonprofit that provides services to those most at-risk of being preyed upon or exploited by human traffickers, and/or works to transform the lives of those who have been affected by trafficking. 

Our team members serve on our Beneficiary Selection Committee. The Committee will review Letters of Inquiry, select applicants, review grant applications, conduct site visits, and then make recommendations to the full Board on The MaripoSA Difference’s annual Grants. 

Once chosen to be the recipient of a Grant, the beneficiary should expect to make a brief presentation to attendees as part of our annual gala. The beneficiary should be aware that messaging behind The MaripoSA Difference’s gala highlights the work of The MaripoSA Difference as a fundraising grantor and is designed to garner additional community recognition and support for our own work. Therefore, the event should not be viewed by the beneficiary as an opportunity to approach attendees for direct donations. The beneficiary is there to receive the Grant awarded by The MaripoSA Difference. 

In addition, we ask that the beneficiary organization cooperate with The MaripoSA Difference in providing its logo and other copyrighted material, promoting the fundraising event on its website and social media outlets pursuant to the schedule set out in the “press packet” provided to the beneficiary by The MaripoSA Difference. The beneficiary shall also supply volunteers for setup, cleaning and tear-down at the fundraising event.