About MaripoSA

Our Start

MaripoSA was started in 2019 by two strangers, sharing a heart for children who fell victim to the billion dollar industry we know as Human Trafficking or, the more unsettling subset of Sex Trafficking. This form of modern slavery has only recently begun to gain headlines in the mainstream, but the atrocities have existed under the radar for too many years.

The meaning behind MaripoSA

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In the Fall of 2019, Liza Cole and Ashlee Belew joined forces to raise funds which would directly benefit the fight against sex trafficking both globally AND in our own backyard of San Antonio, Texas. In just four months time, they assembled a group of volunteer individuals, professionals, and companies willing to donate their time to create an event that would raise funds to combat sex trafficking.

The MaripoSA Difference was born from this community collaboration.

Ashlee Belew, Karla Solomon, Liza Cole at The MaripoSA Difference White Party 9.5.19
Our guest speaker & Sex Trafficking survivor, Karla Solomon shared a message of courage and hope that touched many that evening.

MaripoSA chose two beneficiaries for this event:

  • A21: a global organization dedicated to locating & providing aftercare to survivors of sex trafficking and assisting law enforcement in the arrest of their captors.
  • Roy Maas Youth Alternatives (RMYA): a 24-hour emergency shelter in San Antonio, Texas focused on chronic runaways, severely abused and trafficked children, and children with high therapeutic needs due to trauma-induced behavioral and emotional issues.

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With the community’s support, MaripoSA was able to raise over $61,000 to benefit the anti-trafficking efforts of A21 and RMYA.

Our Journey

Fast-forward to today, The MaripoSA Difference has obtained its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, we have assembled an incredible Board of Directors to help guide us into our future, and we’re ready to continue our journey to do our part in helping to make the greatest impact on the issue of Human & Sex Trafficking in our community of San Antonio, Texas.

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Our Future

Now that we have our nonprofit status and an AMAZING Board of Directors, The MaripoSA Difference is looking to plan its future of supporting those organizations in our community who support those at-risk or who are survivors of human trafficking.

Join us in being a part of the ripple effect towards making an impact in the fight against Human Trafficking in our community!